We are Tevel Aerobotics Technologies, our vision is to revolutionize the agriculture industry with robotics solutions.

Our product is a fleet of drones that picks fruit in the orchard, are you up to the challenge?

  • Interested of working with cutting edge of technology?
  • Intrigued by nearly impossible challenges?
  • Do you learn faster then the speed of light?
  • Are you a team player?
  • Looking for the opportunity to acquire insane professional qualities?

Be a part of the core team


Field Operator
Our Operations team is preparing for the upcoming harvesting season, during which we will be testing our prototype system in the field: in actual fruit orchards, picking the fruits and testing different prototype versions. We are looking for a Field Operator to join our Operations team, to lead operations on the ground while working side-by-side with our software and hardware engineers, and algorithm developers.


  • Manage daily operations in the field - safely, efficiently, successfully
  •  Maintain direct and on-going communication with the R&D departments
  • Assist R&D departments in improving the product during the process
  • Provide feedback and inputs for the product design from the operator level

Professional requirements

  • Experience in quadcopter assembly
  • Experience in quadcopter calibration
  • Technical capabilities: troubleshoot, diagnose problems, replace parts, repair parts
  • Exceptional written and oral communication skills in English
  • Experience with drone electronics and soldering - advantage
  • Knowledge of the Pixhawk™ flight controller - advantage
  • Valid drone operator license - advantage
  • Experience with Linux - advantage

Personal requirements

  •  During the months August through November, operations will be conducted in the Golan Heights - every week, often for several days at a time (staying overnights)
  •  Field person - hands-on, loves the outdoors, isn’t afraid to get their hands “dirty”
  •  Working hours are flexible - might be from early morning hours to late at night
  •  Occasional travel abroad for demos and on-site field operations
  •  Team player - will work in an intimate team of 2-3 people for many hours in the field
  •  Customer service oriented, able to communicate properly with clients, demonstrating a high level of customer service attitude
  •  Able to take charge and lead a team remotely in the field
  •  Highly motivated
  •  Detail-oriented and a self-learner
  •  Military service in elite combat units - advantage

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Laboratory and office address:

Tevel Aerobotics Technologies, Agridera Farm, Near Tel Nof airbase.

Phone: +972-8-3009180

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