Freddy Raitan

Chief Commercial Officer
Prior to Joining Tevel, Freddy was the CEO of Lumio Inc., an advance vision systems company developing optical touch-screen solutions with R&D in Israel and Manufacturing in China. Before Lumio, Freddy was the CEO of Sovena, the largest olive oil company in the world. Sovena has revenues of over $1.5 Billion, sales distribution in over 35 countries, industrial operations in Spain, Portugal, Brazil, and the USA, and over 15,000 Ha of olive plantations in Portugal, Morocco, and Spain.
Freddy also held the position of VP of Corporate Development at Sagaz, the largest manufacturer of automotive accessories in the US. There, he successfully expanded product lines and distribution before leading the sale of the company to Pennzoil.

Freddy holds a BS in Manufacturing Engineering, Magna Cum Laude, from Boston University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.
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