Our Mission

Tevel’s mission is to lead the transformation from manual fruit picking into on-demand, fully autonomous flying robots

Fruit pickers are disapearing

Fruit picking is low-paid, seasonal , repetitive, and arduous work with few prospect for advancement.

Pickers are aging while the younger generation is migrating to urban areas in search of year-round, high-paying, full-time jobs.

Regulations impacting the migrant workforce add complexity to the picture.

Timing Is Everything

  • Harvesting Labor Costs account for almost 50% of farmers total Operating Expenses
  • Fruit Picked 2 weeks late loses 80% of its value
  • Labor shortages cost fruit growers $3 Billions a year in sales in the US alone  
  • Growers Worldwide lose $30 Billion in Sales a year for fruits not able to pick
Picked on time
Picked late
Never picked

How Can Tevel Help?

As a cutting-edge ag-tech company, we provide on-demand fruit harvesting solutions.

Our flying autonomous fruit picking robots, fill unmet needs for labor at the right time and at a lower cost, making orchard management easier and more profitable.

This service is fully scalable to meet the demands of a growing population and can be seamlessly deployed everywhere.

High Tech.
Low Risk.

Give Tevel a try. Sign up for our pilot program and we will contact you when we’ll be servicing your area.

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