Our Mission

Tevel’s mission is to lead the transformation from manual fruit picking into on-demand, Flying Autonomous Robots

Human population will grow
by 40% to 9.7 billion by 2050, requiring fruit production
to double

Land for fruit production worldwide will double to 140 million hectares by 2050 (6 times the size of California)

Agriculture employment will
be cut in half by 2050, resulting in a shortage of 5 million
fruit pickers

Shortage of pickers causes more than 10% of fruits worldwide not to be harvested (equivalent to the EU annual consumption)

Our solution will provide farmers with unlimited FARs anytime, anywhere, as long as needed
at lower cost

Our Innovation is designed
to complement existing fruit pickers and not merely to substitute them

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Fruit pickers are disappearing

Fruit picking is a low paid, seasonal, repetitive work, with few prospects for advancement

Pickers are aging while the younger generation is migrating to urban areas in search of year-round, high-paying, full-time jobs.

Regulations impacting the migrant workforce add complexity to the picture.

Timing Is Everything

  • Harvesting labor costs account for up to 50% of farmers operating expenses
  • Fruit Picked 2 weeks late loses 80% of its value
  • Labor shortages cost fruit growers $3 Billions a year in sales in the US alone  
  • Growers Worldwide lose $30 Billion in sales a year for fruits not able to pick
Picked on time
Picked late
Never picked

How Can Tevel Help?

As a cutting-edge ag-tech company, we provide on-demand fruit harvesting solutions.

Our flying autonomous fruit picking robots, fill unmet needs for labor at the right time and at a lower cost, making orchard management easier and more profitable.

This service is fully scalable to meet the demands of a growing population and can be seamlessly deployed everywhere.

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