Enter A New Era of Harvesting With Tevel's Flying Autonomous Robots™

Tevel welcomes you to a new era of harvesting. Our pioneering Flying Autonomous Robots™ are at the forefront of solving agricultural labor shortages. Driven by advanced artificial intelligence, computer vision, and machine learning algorithms, these futuristic robots are transforming fruit harvesting practices in orchards around the world, from Italy to the United States, Chile, Israel, and beyond. Their unmatched precision in picking fruits and optimizing the harvesting process results in minimum bruising, preserving the fruit's quality and taste. Farmers gain a strategic advantage with our robots' ability to determine the ripeness level of each fruit, ensuring that only the highest-quality produce is collected. Experience the next generation of fruit harvesting with Tevel, where innovation leads the way to a fruitful tomorrow.


Rivoira Group of Verzuolo, Italy

United States

HMC Farms of Kingsburg, California


Unifrutti Group of Linares, Chile


Improve Fruit Quality

Selective (Color) Picking

Harvest 24/7

Cost Savings


Easy To Operate

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Awards & Recognition

Recipients of the most esteemed competition awards and recognition in agriculture and robotics

Fruit Harvesting Reinvented

Tevel’s Flying Autonomous Robots bring unparalleled efficiency to your orchard. Powered by cutting-edge A.I., machine learning, and computer vision algorithms, these fully autonomous robots ensure high accuracy and delicate fruit picking, avoiding any potential bruising. With Tevel’s revolutionary technology, growers can trust that their fruits are picked on time, guaranteeing superior fruit quality. Embrace the future of agriculture with Tevel’s robotic solution, where innovation meets excellence in every harvest.
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Real-Time Harvesting Data At Your Fingertips​

In addition to their harvesting capabilities, our robots also serve as data agents, continuously collecting and reporting a wide range of invaluable insights on each fruit they pick. With our robots, farmers gain unparalleled visibility into the contents of each bin before it is sent to the packing house. This groundbreaking feature empowers farmers to access comprehensive data on the total quantity harvested, individual fruit size, weight, timestamp, ripeness level, disease detection, and more. This real-time and granular data enables farmers to make data-driven decisions, optimize sorting and grading processes, and achieve reductions in post-harvest costs.
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We have assembled a world-class team with a shared vision to transform fruit-picking.
Our people bring a deep expertise in robotics, artificial intelligence, computer vision algorithms, software, engineering and more.

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