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Shortage In Harvesting Labor

The crippling shortage and surging costs of labor is one of the greatest challenges in modern agriculture. Growers are faced with a staggering number of restraints with manual activities that drive up their harvesting costs, including paying for transportation, facilities, housing, food, health insurance and work visas.

Next-generation harvesting robots at your service

Tevel's Flying Autonomous Robots™ are powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms, enabling them to delicately harvest fruit with the highest precision. These robots boast unparalleled efficiency, providing growers with a versatile and dependable solution. The fruits are carefully harvested with meticulous care, ensuring that their quality is preserved to the highest standards. By automating farm operations, Tevel's Flying Autonomous Robots™ are helping to reduce harvesting costs, enhance fruit quality, increase yields, streamline operations, and ultimately curb fruit waste.


Our robots are versatile and can perform multiple tasks on the farm


Our robots harvest a diverse selection of fruits throughout the year, including apples and stone fruit

Multi-Orchard Design

Our robots are capable of harvesting fruit from orchards with varying designs, widths, and row layouts


Our technology allows for easy interface with different ground harvesting platforms


Rivoira Group of Verzuolo, Italy

United States

HMC Farms of Kingsburg, California

Boost Productivity & Improve Quality

Easy To Operate

Work 24/7

Cost Effective

Exceptional Maneuverability

Precise & Reliable

Fruits We Are Picking

Next Generation Harvesting Solution

Our Flying Autonomous Robots™ are driven by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms to gently pick fruit. Additional options include color picking and disease identification.

Real-Time Harvesting Data At Your Fingertips

On the fly information from each robot as it picks fruit, in real-time. Growers can now monitor in real-time the contents of each bin as it is being filled: total fruit weight, size & weight distribution of fruits, color grading, ripeness and more. These actionable insights have never been available to growers while in harvest.

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Our Team

We have assembled a world-class team with a shared vision to transform fruit-picking.
Our people bring a deep expertise in robotics, artificial intelligence, computer vision algorithms, software, engineering and more.

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