A Fleet of Autonomous Airborne
Robots for Fruit Harvesting



We are addressing the major challenge of orchard agriculture - labor shortage

Apples, oranges, peaches, pears and avocados, it takes tremendous labor to harvest these fruits. Manpower is, in fact, the major expense of the farmer in producing these fruit. In a world where the demand for fresh produce is growing, while availability of field workers is diminishing, farmers are looking for technological and economical solution for fruit harvesting, tinning and pruning.


Our vision is to transform fruit harvesting-thinning-pruning from a traditional manual process into a state of the art technology for enhancing the farmers’ productivity and provide modern service to care for the orchard.

Based on our deep familiarity of the market, we believe that once our product will be commercially available, this solution will rapidly replace manual labor and will take up the market by storm.



We, at Tevel Aerobotics Technologies are combining airborne patented robotics platform, with sophisticated algorithms, to create the world’s leading autonomous concept for orchard harvest and management.

Tevel develops a fleet of drones for performing picking, thinning and pruning tasks in orchards. Tevel’s airborne approach provides a holistic harvesting solution to the farmer.


Tevel develops an innovative IP estate, which is protected by a number of broad patents in different complimentary fields: Tevel’s UAV concept and mechanics, mapping for harvesting and data collection, fleet management, holistic farm management.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Vision Algorithms

Fruit detection, fruit classification, foliage detection and more objects detection


AI Perception Algorithms

Data fusion and fruit tracking




Maneuver Algorithms

Optimal trajectory planning and execution




Harvesting Optimization

Fleet management optimization algorithms for harvesting based on orchard data




Mapping, Data Collection and Analysis

Data collection of fruit quality and quantity of each tree in the orchard




Balancing Algorithms

Balance the forces applied on the UAV by foliage and fruit






improving fruit by enabling harvesting quality fruit on time






enabling grow higher trees and optimal the farm architecture






Saving sagnificantly labor cost





Growers can plan their harvesting resources





Our plan is to create a unique service model which will free the growers from the need to recruit temporary labor force every harvesting season. A fleet of Tevel Aeobotics drones operated by the service company will take care of the harvesting in a cost-efficient way, enabling the growers to benefit from lower cost, total certainty and new data regarding their orchards and groves.

We welcome corporations with large orchard growers, machinery suppliers, harvesting contractors , fruit companies and any agriculture or robotics business that is familiar with labor shortage challenge.




Yaniv Maor,
Founder, CEO

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Yaniv has 20 years of experience with R&D management and with bringing ideas into mass production. Prior to Tevel, Yaniv was a project originator and leader in Elta-IAI. Yaniv’s achievements were recognized by granting him the Factory Manager Honoree in 2016 and candidacy for MAFAT IMOD Innovation Award in 2016. Yaniv was the VP R&D in Lumio, an advanced visions systems company developing optical touch-screens. Previously, Yaniv was the Algorithm and Electronics Team Leader at VKB, a startup company that developed and produced virtual laser keyboards. This technological achievement received the prestigious CES Innovation Award in 2007. Throughout his career, Yaniv has demonstrated the ability to orchestrate multidisciplinary R&D projects, translate ideas into products, establish mass production lines and capital and budget management.


Eyal Desheh,
Chairman of the BoD

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Eyal has a vast background in business management, and participated in many Israeli Hi tech success stories, including IPOs and acquisitions. Eyal serves as the chairman of Isracard, one of Israel’s biggest financial services firms. Prior to Isracard Eyal was the Executive Vice President & CFO and interim CEO of Teva pharmaceuticals – the world’s largest manufacturer of generic pharmaceuticals, a Board member at Mobileye, Stratasys and ECI Telecom, Check Point Software EVP CFO and head of BD, Scitex Corporation Ltd –EVP CFO,Eyal holds a B.A in Economics and an MBA in finance, both from The Hebrew University in Jerusalem.


Eran Nadav,

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Dr. Nadav is a seasoned investor with a unique interdisciplinary expertise in life sciences and business. Dr. Nadav serves as Partner and Managing Director at TPG Biotech. He joined TPG’s San Francisco office in 2007, and he invests in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology across various geographies and stages of development. Prior to TPG, he served as Business Development Director at Eisai in New Jersey, where he evaluated and negotiated licensing and acquisition deals. Prior to that, Dr. Nadav worked for the Israeli office of JJDC, the venture capital subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. Previously, Dr. Nadav worked for Neurim Pharmaceuticals Ltd. supporting the clinical development of Circadin®. He holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, M.Sc. magna cum laude, B.Sc. magna cum laude, and MBA from Tel Aviv University. Dr. Nadav is currently Chairman of the Board of Trevi Therapeutics, a board member at Nutrinia, Fusion Pharmaceuticals (Canada) and NovaSom. He was the lead investor and Chairman of the Board of Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical (Nasdaq: RARE). His other past investments and board roles include Collegium Pharmaceutical (Nasdaq: COLL), JCR Pharmaceuticals (a Japanese biopharma company, TSE: 4552), MacroGenics (Nasdaq: MGNX), ShangPharma (a China based CRO), and Mey Eden.

Tevel’s multidisciplinary team includes PhDs and experts, mostly in the field of AI , algorithms and software.



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