Moshe Eli

Head of Engineering

Moshe has over 25 years of broad high-level management in large, medium and small enterprises specializing in building and managing engineering groups and a complex global supply chain and operational logistic groups domestic and overseas.

Before joining Tevel, Moshe was the Chief Operating Officer at Pharma Oil Solutions a producer and provider of the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade cannabinoid extracts. Prior to Pharma Oil Solutions, Moshe served as the Operations Manager of Lumio an advance vision systems company developing optical touch-screen solutions. Before Lumio Moshe was the CEO of Wavetone Technologies a fabless semiconductor startup developing state of the art new communication physical layer (Modem). Moshe successfully managed the company roadmap and executed

the plan of licensing the company’s IP to a privet company. Prior to that Mr. Eli served as the COO and VP Engineering & Operations of Coresma Ltd., where he directed the company’s cable TV broadband access telecommunications operations & engineering, building an infrastructure for business delivery growth, and being responsible for the operational aspects of highly successful privet placement. Prior to that, Mr. Eli was the engineering and manufacturing divisional director at ECI Telecom, the largest telecommunication manufacturer company in Israel.

Moshe holds an Application Engineering degree from Tel Aviv Engineering College, and a BA of Economics and Administration conferred jointly by College of Ramat Gan and the Israeli Open University.

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